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Nissan 810 at present is known as the Maxima. Either way, the 810 was the first Nissan luxury sedan in the United States introduced in February 1977 as a 1977 model. It is a rear drive in make, and had a semi-trailing arm rear suspension. The wagon version of this had the live-axle rear for load carrying. It carries a 2.4Ll OHC straight six engine which was also used with the 240Z. Available models of this class include a sedan, a wagon, and a two door hart top during 1979 and 1980. This model car only lasted for four years. There was nothing so special about the 810. I guess the primary significance of this car is for being the root of the Maxima's production. This is where it all began. All Maxima can trace their origins from this car. Late 1980 and the beginning of 1981 came the introduction of the next generation of the Datsun 810. This model was available in sedan and wagon only, no coupe. The base form of this class is called the Deluxe. It has a 5 speed OHC 2.4 L straight 6, a rear wheel drive and four wheel independent suspension. For the first time in during that year, this car had a Voice Alert Warning System. This was also the year where they started using the name Maxima but only as a trim designation. An 80 hp diesel engine became available in mid-1981. A year after that, the Nissan Company finally used the name Maxima as the official name of the 810 model. Browse around and you'll see more information about Nissan Maxima. Meanwhile, if you're in search of parts for your Datsun 810, it is highly recommended that you try our site. Here at Parts Train, we have a wide array of Nissan variety car parts. Not only will you find parts for your Datsun 810, but for all types and models, even parts for other brands of cars. Our parts are officially taken from the main large companies or manufacturers themselves so you are assured that what you are getting is the best and with the highest quality parts that your car needs. Customer satisfaction is our goal, so if you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us and feel free to ask around. When you've finally decided with the part you intend to have, let us know and we'll send it to you as fast and as safe as we could. So why wait? Don't hesitate, get your parts here at Parts Train and get that long lasting performance you've always wished for.