Nissan 510 Parts & Accessories

Datsun 510 as known in the United States was also called as 1600 in Australia being available only as a four door car. In Japan though, this four door was called the Bluebird and the two door version of it is known as the Bluebird Coupe. The Bluebird Coupe has different roofline and has a more aggressive angled C pillar. Sadly, there were only a few of these 510 coupes imported in the US which caused owners to have difficulty repairing it since it has a different deck lid, rear glass and interior. In the States, the common 510 sold were the four door wagon. This shared the solid axle rear end of the 510 sedan which was sold in Mexico. It was standard on the 510 to have a McPherson struts with front disc brakes, a 4 speed gearbox, and independent trailing arm rear suspension. Some of the other parts too were over-engineered and was actually pulled out from the parts bin of the Nissan 240Z sports car. The 510 is usually modified and was common having the Libra 13 of America's racing wheels as replacement for the original one. Some of the owners cuts down the struts to accommodate shorter shock inserts and lowers its center of gravity. By simply raising boost pressure from the stock 7 psi to 1 bar, it will give you nearly 300 hp. Another great aspect of the 510 is its uni-body construction. As per influence of an aeronautic firm that specializes in monocoque structures, Nissan's 510 got its stiff and lightweight shell. It can also be said that the 510 design somehow has some Italian side in it for it still has some characteristics that Nissan once used in its model designed in Italy which was the 410. One good example of this is the 510's headlights. Sad to say, like all the other old models of Nissan, the 510 didn't last long in its automotive lineup. That is why 510 parts and models are rather scarce and aftermarket parts of it are really rare. Luckily, due to demands of its parts, requests have been made for Nissan to produce replacement parts for the cars. Here at Parts Train, you'll be able to find your needed part for your Nissan 510. This will ensure that you get to enjoy you car for a longer time possible. With the new parts, your car will surely give you a performance like you have just bought it. So worry no more, Parts Train is here to appease your need.