Mitsubishi Outlander Parts & Accessories

Mitsubishi Outlander was the company's entry in the compact sport utility market. Originally called Mitsubishi Airtrek, the Outlander was launched in Japan for model year 2001 and it was accepted in the export market in 2003. This generation of Outlander received enhanced headlights and front grille, increasing the vehicle's overall length by about five inches. The name Airtrek was derived from Air and Trek in order to convey the concept of footloose and adventure-filled driving pleasure.

In model year 2005, the second generation Outlander was introduced. It was made on Mitsubishi's GS platform and it employed two new engines created by Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance. In character and size, it feels like Toyota Rav4 and Honda CRV. The Outlander operates smoothly and quietly and gives elevated seating for every passenger to have better visibility. This generation of Outlander comes with four-wheel disc brakes and five-speed manual transmission, which improved its fuel efficiency. Of the three Outlander models, LS is the fastest.

The recently-released Outlander for model year 2005 was given a more powerful V6 engine mated with a new six-speed automatic transmission with sport-shift feature. This new Mitsubishi Outlander marks the dawn of a new design for the company. The 2007 Outlander received a standard electronic skid and traction control system and a front suspension that has been improved in order to deliver enhanced steering response and directional stability. The brakes have also grown bigger, hence, they become better in handling additional power and weight. And for improved ride control, the shock absorbers are also made stronger.

Truly, the 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander is a compelling automobile with its competitive fuel economy, interior room and remarkable performance. The safety features included in the said model are roof-mounted side air curtains, front and side impact airbags, seatbelts, child safety seat anchors and active front seat head restraints.

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