Mitsubishi Montero Parts & Accessories

Mitsubishi Montero, also known as Mitsubishi Pajero and Mitsubishi Shogun is an SUV that's made by Mitsubishi Motors. Its name Montero means "mountain warrior." This vehicle is designed to deliver tailored comfort, genial toughness and outstanding convenience that buyers usually look for in a sport ute. Mitsubishi Montero is among the most versatile trucks in its division. It is designed to deliver a true off-road capability and sumptuous cabin. Truly, Montero is an all-weather highway warrior that's considered as a pat-time backcountry beast. Whether on and off the road, Mitsubishi Montero will surely give you a smooth ride.

The first Montero Prototype was revealed in Tokyo Motor Show in model year 1973 and the second was then released after five years. Mitsubishi's objective in creating such is to produce not just a workhorse but a recreational vehicle, since Mitsubishi Motors is recognized as Japan's largest four-wheel drive automaker prior to World War II. Model year 1981 was the debut of the fist generation Montero and it became a hit in the automotive market. It was initially a three-door short wheelbase vehicle that came with either a metal or a canvas top. This generation of Montero was jam-packed with features are never seen before in Japanese four-wheel drive vehicles.

For model year 2002, Mitsubishi Montero was released in two models — the XLS models and the well-equipped Limited edition. All the Monteros for this year are motorized by a 3.5 liter V6 engine. The XLS model features a four-speed automatic transmission, two-speed transfer case and a part-time 4WD. The Limited models are outfitted with Sportronic sequential shifter and ActiveTrac electronic full-time All Wheel Drive matched with a torque-sensing automatic limited-slip differential. Limited edition is packed with heated front seats, sunroof, power driver's seat, leather interior, fog lights, heated mirrors, and exterior accents made up of chrome.

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