Mitsubishi Galant Parts & Accessories

A very different type of sedan, the Galant delivers a very striking range of standard features, remarkably packed. The Galant is just right for everyone due to its high level of luxury and performance on all its four trims. The Galant is a sedan made by Mitsubishi Motors since model year 1969. It has been released for nine generations and it already have cumulative sales that go beyond five million, making this model the company's best selling vehicle. Over the years, Mitsubishi Galant has turned out to be a larger mid-size sedan despite of its beginning as a compact car.

Mitsubishi Galant is designed to deliver comfortable and quiet ride and it gives every driver a handling that's so proficient and responsive. The optional V6 engine gives enough power for passing and the automatic transmission delivers very smooth shifting. The Galant's interior is roomy and comfy. It is truly a remarkable family car and a good value in the midsize sedan division. The Galant was released as an all-new model for model year 2004 and it received safety modification for 2005 by giving all its models standard seat-mounted side-impact airbags.

For model year 2006, the Mitsubishi Galant is offered in four trim levels - the ES and the DE which are motorized by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, cranking out 160-horsepower and is mated with four speed automatic transmission; the LS and the GTS which comes with 3.8 liter V6 teamed with automatic transmission having a Sportronic mode intended for semi-manual shifting. This engine is capable of producing 230-horsepower. Among Mitsubishi Galant's standard features are height-adjustable driver's seat, AM/FM/CD stereo, carpeted floor mats, front and side impact air bags, rear-seat heater ducts, electronic lock-out protection and power conveniences such as power door locks, windows and exterior mirrors.

Talking about performance, Mitsubishi Galant brings quiet and smooth ride due to its wide stance, stiff platform and long wheelbase. Only very minimal noise can enter its cabin. The brake feel is really firm and reassuring. Aside from the fact that Galant delivers almost everything that you need, you will also not experience any problem in finding replacement and aftermarket parts whenever you need them. There are lots of auto-part stores in the industry that carries wide range of Mitsubishi Galant auto parts and accessories and that includes Parts Train. Parts train is one of the reliable resources of good-quality Mitsubishi Galant car parts and accessories. It has been in the industry for more than 25 years now and its years of company experience have made Parts Train an expert in providing its customers with highly-reliable Mitsubishi Galant parts.