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The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is currently one of the trusted automobile manufacturers not just in Japan but around the world. Although Mitsubishi's automotive beginning date back as early as 1917, and has even introduced models such as Model A in 1917, 500 in 1960, Minica in 1962, and Galant in 1969, it was only in 1970 when the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was officially founded to serve as a company in charge of the single operation for Mitsubishi's automotive industry. And although Mitsubishi found its niche in the automobile industry only in 1970, it did not hinder the company to prove itself in successfully addressing the demands of car enthusiasts for good quality automobiles. In fact, Mitsubishi has already introduced and produced several outstanding models such as Mitsubishi Cordia.

The Mitsubishi Cordia is a compact hatchback coupe that was introduced in 1982. The vehicle was named such because it reflects the prefect combination of the lustrous mineral called "cordorite" and "diamond" coming from Mitsubishi's Three Diamonds logo. Taking and putting together the first few letters of the words cordorite and diamond will give you the name Cordia — a shiny and shimmering compact Mitsubishi 3-door coupe hatchback automobile model. Together with Tredia and Starion models, the Cordia was among the first cars that was imported to and marketed in the United States by Mitsubishi without relying to its then partner Chrysler Corporation.

The Cordia was intended to fill the gap between the currently produced Galant and Lancer models, and at the same time boost the overall lineup of Mitsubishi passenger vehicles. It made use of a front-wheel drive layout that is also being used in another model called Mirage. Such layout is coupled with a MacPherson strut/beam, axle suspension front disc brakes, manual or electrically-controlled automatic transmission. Moreover, it was offered in three variations of powerplants to which are the 1.4-liter engine to produce 68 horsepower, 1.6-liter engine to generate 74 horsepower and the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine to boost 112 horsepower. Smaller Cordia automobiles that were sold in other markets had a carb-fed 2.0-liter engine to come up with 110 horsepower.

In 1993, the Cordia underwent minor redesign resulting to the use of four-wheel drive layout in 1984. After which, the existing powerplant was enabled to run on unleaded fuel, and a new 1.8-liter engine in both 110 horsepower naturally aspirated and 135 horsepower turbocharged form engines was offered right before the Cordia model was dropped from the lineup in 1990. For your Mitsubishi Cordia parts and accessories needs, you can start browsing our catalogue. Here at Parts Train, wide array and great deals of Mitsubishi Cordia automotive products are sure to find. Check it out now!