Mini Cooper Parts & Accessories

As its name implies, the Mini Cooper was originally designed to be small, with space-saving as among the primary factors that was considered in its manufacture. The Mini was produced in the year 1959 as an answer to a fuel crisis. It's a two-door car which was carefully designed to provide space and economy. The first version of the mini was the MK I Mini, a small car which features sliding windows, moustache grille, and external door hinges. The original MK I soon received further modifications along with the release of the MK II, the Clubman, and the MK III.

Finally, in the year 1961, a new and a far different version of the Mini was introduced — the Mini Cooper. A product of the collaboration of Mini's original designer Alec Issigonis and John Cooper of the Cooper Car Company, the Mini Cooper was built as a quick and inexpensive performance car. The 997 cc engine that was incorporated to it was designed for racing, featuring 34 to 55 bhp. The Cooper also employed disc brakes and double SU carburetors, giving it the efficiency that was not very common among smaller cars of that era. The Mini Cooper was soon modified and released as the Mini Cooper S, a more powerful model. Both the Mini Cooper and the Mini Cooper S were known for their performance in rally racing, even topping the Monte Carlo Rally for several consecutive years.

The Mini Cooper is popular today for its size and performance, an economical and small car that's filled with power and energy on the road. The entire body of the Cooper is designed for rigidity, which means that it stays stable throughout your ride without flexing and control-robbing vibrations as you drive. Though a front-wheel drive, both its rear and front are equipped with stiffer suspensions to make handling and cornering better, while making your Cooper easily adjustable to the road conditions and ensuring that it is always in optimum contact with the road. And to enhance the grip and control of your car even on turns, the wheels have also been carefully crafted. And when you choose to pair them with tires made from heat-resistant rubbers, you can have the ability to drive safely, though with limit, even when you get a flat - just enough to get you to the mechanic to change your flat tire.

Small doesn't have to mean inferior. Overall, a Mini Cooper is a small car that's packed with performance. If you have a Mini Cooper and in need of replacement parts, just come to Parts Train. PartsTrain is a leading source of auto parts and accessories, and we have a wide selection of Mini Cooper parts available in our online catalog.