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Mercury, Ford Motor Company's vehicle marque was established in 1939 to sell semi-luxury vehicles positioned between the entry-level Ford automobiles and Lincoln's luxury models. This division of Ford is the same as Buick in General Motors and Chrysler in DaimlerChrysler. Majority of Mercury automobiles are based on the platforms of Ford vehicles. The name of this division was taken from the planet Mercury and it was popular before due to its performance.

One of the automobiles produced by Mercury is Topaz. Its Ford twin was the Tempo and they are both engineered to replace the Fox-body Mercury Zephyr and Ford Fairmont. Mercury Topaz was launched in 1983 for model year 1984. Topaz' powertrain design and body structure were borrowed from the Ford Escort. This model was redesigned in 1988, making it look a lot like the Mercury Sable. In 1994, Topaz was replaced by Mercury Mystique.

For the years that Mercury Topaz was sold in the market, it became one of the best-selling automobiles in Canada. From model year 1990 to 1994, a large number of Topaz models that were sold came with four-cylinder pushrod engine that cranked out 96 to 100 horsepower, depending on the transmission and the year the vehicle was released. Among the available transmissions for such engine were five-speed manual and three-speed automatic transmissions. The Topaz models that sport most power were the ones outfitted with "High Output" four-cylinder engines. However, when the said engine is matched with three-speed automatic transmission, it became enormously tame and its fuel economy became just sufficient.

Over the years, Mercury Topaz has proved to be durable. Though its cabin isn't that spacious, Topaz delivers favorable handling. Another good thing about this model is that replacement and aftermarket parts are readily available in most auto-part shops in the market. Parts Train is one of the reliable online auto and truck parts providers that carry wide range of Mercury Topaz aftermarket and replacement parts. Backed up by a positive reputation, Parts Train assures you of Mercury Topaz parts and accessories that are of superior quality. So everytime you need Mercury Topaz parts for your replacement and vehicle modification, Parts Train is the place to shop.