Mercury Mystique Parts & Accessories

If you are to choose an automobile without considering the cost, sure enough, you'll pick the best one in the line-up of luxury units. But then, that's far from reality wherein we need to consider the different aspects of purchasing one over and over. If you can't afford to have the vehicle that you've always been dreaming, you need not feel depressed. For, different manufacturers feature their own division that concentrates in creating luxurious yet affordable driving machines. With Ford, there's the Mercury division.

Over years in the industry, Mercury was able to release units that showcased excellent performance and of course impressive styling. As expected, these vehicles also boast superb ride comfort that's mainly brought by the advancements in automotive engineering. In 1994, Mercury set a new model which was named as Mercury Mystique. It's among the luxury units which were offered to the consumers in considerably low price. But then, Mystique wasn't able to stand with the tough competition in the category. 2000 was the last edition marketed, and then this Mercury model faded away.

Mercury Mystique was the predecessor of Mercury Topaz. It was a four-door compact sedan that's basically the version of Mercury of the Ford Contour and Ford Mondeo. In contrary with the success of other Mercury models, Mystique wasn't able to offer much. Besides the excellent handling and considerably good speed rate that its powertrains bring out when equipped with 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic, the 2.0-liter Zetec inline-four and 2.5-liter Duratec V6 produced no more. Moreover, the transmissions systems gave problems, making them less reliable after just several years.

Compared to Honda Civic, Mercury Mystique lacked enough space for the legs. This was actually what some believed why it wasn't able to impress the customers. They accepted it poorly instead. Apparently, this resulted to very low sales and to ending its production. Maybe, you own one unit of Mercury Mystique. Despite what the history tells about it, keeping it in good condition and enhancing the capabilities that it has got, will increase the value of this automobile. And for your needs of Mercury Mystic replacement and modification parts, PartsTrain is always here to provide.