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Mercury joined the market during the Pre-War Classic era, in 1939 to be exact. Despite entering the automotive world at such early period, Mercury which is one of the divisions of Ford Motor Company was able to do quite good job. But then again, Mercury was always far behind the achievements of Ford, though it was able to set a name known for creating fast cars upon its start in the industry. That's basically due to the failures of some of its creations in the past decades. The Mercury Marquis was one of the vehicles produced by Mercury purposely to get far from Ford's shadow and build its distinct image so as good sales, along with Mercury Cougar. Unluckily, both automobiles failed. They haven't even been successful in pushing Mercury towards the level where Ford is sitting, not even able to drag it a bit nearer.

It was in 1967 when Mercury Marquis set off to market as the division's top-line car. It then came in two-door hardtop or coupe, four-door pillared hardtop or sedan, and four-door station wagon, significantly as full-size automobiles. The three are basically high-end versions of Mercury Monterey and Mercury Park Lane. The full-size units lived only from 1967 to 1982. After that, the mid-size Mercury Marquis units came in, which lasted until 1986. When it was finally dropped, the Mercury sable filled-in.

The same as the Mercury Marauder X-100, the 1967-68 Marquis was equipped with 429 in³ powerhouse, only that this one's a big block engine. Other engines that Marquis used are the 460 in³ V8, 400 in³ Cleveland V8, 351 in³ 351M V8, 302 Windsor V8 and 351 Windsor V8. It also used the 4-cylinder 2.3 liter Lima, 3.3 Mileage Maker inline-6 and 3.8 Liter Essex V6. Yet only two types of transmission systems were made available, the 3-speed C6 and C3 automatic transmissions.

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