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Mercury Mariner

At last the Mercury Mariner Hybrid is now out in the market after long years of hard work and tests. The Mercury Mariner is now around the bend to show off its astounding performance and style which has reaped impressive remarks from respected critics and experts as well as users and enthusiasts who experienced the distinct Mercury Hybrid "sense and feel". In the recent North Auto Show held in Detroit on January 2005, Mercury Hybrid was the proclaimed Truck of the Year which was later on formally launched with a base price of $29, 840 on July 11 of the same year.

Mercury Mariner was put under tests and study for five years with 100 expert auto engineers to ensure that it will provide the expected performance and efficiency of a true and authentic hybrid. Two electric motors are used to produce the needed power. One is mounted to drive the wheels while the other is employed for the standard 2.3 -liter four-cylinder gas engine to produce the anticipated power output and to maintain the balance of the transmission ratio. Fuel efficiency is much improved especially when driving on cities.

An Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission system (ECVT) or a variable transmission as what it is commonly called allows easier adjustment on various driving conditions without affecting the fuel efficiency of the car. Mercury Mariner hybrid can be used for all types of driving applications may it be on the road or off road without worrying of negative fuel performance.

Coupled with the top rated is the confident bearing that can capture anyone's lingering gaze. Sculpted on the front area of the car is a waterfall grille spiced up with neatly crafted satin aluminum finish that reflects an aura of boldness and assertiveness. On the sides are fog lamps and headlights that accentuated the stand out qualities of the grilles and bumpers. Free flowing lines and sharp angles with monochromatic color scheme that gives a look and style that can make heads turn. There are still more breath taking features once the door is opened. See it for yourselves and savor the ultimate Mercury Mariner experience!