Mercury Marauder Parts & Accessories

Some drivers love thrilling speeds with which a superior type of engine is required. Some simply look for automobiles that have big interior space and extra room for cargos. There are those who are concerned much with the appearance of the unit. And there are consumers who want the classic and elegant appeal of black color. If you are among these people, then you must take a look at the features of Mercury Marauder. For, you might actually find its latest edition just perfect.

Today's Mercury Marauder is a full-size compact sedan which is considered as a high-performance version of to other units of lined up under the name of Mercury, the Montclair and Monterey. Despite its being modern and all the advances incorporated in it, Marauder cannot deny the fact that it's simply a lonely survivor of the archetypical American family sedans. And although it has got the modern amenities, it still wasn't able to compete against the in-demand minivans and sport utility vehicles. The failure was blamed basically with the styling and performance that's not even worth comparing to the 1994 Chevrolet Impala. Aside from that, this one was driven amidst the muscle car segment wherein a family car will never fit.

In the early production, Marauder was a 2-door fastback or hardtop full-size car running with a V8 engine. This edition lasted only until 1965, but then came back in 1969 to 1970. During the time wherein it somewhat was gone, Marauder lived within the engineering of two-door and four-door Mercury Montclair, Monterey and Park Lane special package models. As it again introduced to the market, this automobile was able to set its distinct character. Indeed, it was able to do a great job in the segment of personal luxury automobiles. By then Mercury Marauder is of two trims, the 390 in³ engine-equipped base Marauder and 429 in³ engine-run X-100 Marauder. Because of the success of the latter edition, Mercury tried to enter the market of sporty family car wherein it suffered terrible blow, consequently fading again. Marauder was once more made available as a 2003 model which unluckily did not hit the market it targeted.

Although Mercury Marauder is not that lucky to have lived long enough, it is still very much necessary to keep it in shape. If you're driving one, you'll surely need to replace damaged parts so to maintain good value. And for that, PartsTrain will do you great help. Our store offers excellent Mercury Marauder parts as well as other products which will enhance its performance and look.