Mercury Lynx Parts & Accessories

Under the name of Mercury, Ford Motor Company's semi-luxury division, Mercury Lynx came into the automotive market in 1981. It was the rebadged version of Ford Escort, a compact car that offers quite nice amenities as well as looks during that time. However, Mercury Lynx and other Mercury models needed to compete with Lincoln units, although the latter are categorized as luxury cars. This is due to the fact that people can't help comparing the creations of Ford's two divisions. As a result, Mercury Lynx suffered. Nevertheless, the other Mercury vehicles were able to make it. In fact, many customers in the US, Canada and Mexico loved how these road machines serve them.

Ford is topping the sales when Mercury Lynx was launched. It came in four body styles, a 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback and station wagon. The powertrain made available with these units include 1.6 liter CVH, 1.9 liter CVH and 2.0 liter Mazda RF diesel inline-4 or 4-cylineder internal combustion engines. Aiding in transmitting the horses and torque that these engines produce are the 4-speed MTX-4 manual, 5-speed MTX-3 and 3-speed ATX automatic transmission systems. The performance that these primary equipments provide wasn't good enough when compared to Ford units. Consequently, Mercury Lynx did not set a good sales rate which affected the company at large.

In order to restore Ford's dominance, the company decided to pull the budget from the Mercury Lynx and invested it to a new creation instead, the Mercury Tracer. The last Mercury Lynx edition rolled out the manufacturing plant in 1987 and stayed in the market only until 1990. The same as its predecessor which is the Mercury Bobcat, Lynx was gone in favor of another. Its successor subsequently became Ford Escort's twin when the latter was redesigned in 1991.

Perhaps you are among those who still own a Mercury Lynx. And most probably, your ride is already suffering from different defects due to its age. Though old and obsolete, your Lynx can still give you a good ride provided that you're giving it proper maintenance. Regular inspection and high quality replacement parts will do you great favor. And here at PartsTrain, enormous selection of premium grade Mercury Lynx parts are available. They are beneficial both for restoring the vehicle's value and modifying its performance as well as appearance.