Mercury Cougar Parts & Accessories

It's not rare for a single vehicle model to be included in several categories. There are actually a number of these creations which in almost every generation enters a different class. Perhaps, that's the manufacturer's technique on how to increase its sales. In Ford Motor Company, the Lincoln-Mercury Division released one of such automobiles, the Mercury Cougar. Basically, it's a luxury unit that possesses a mixture of the characteristics distinct of a Lincoln and Mercury.

Wearing the common platform that Ford gives to its units, Mercury Cougar rolled out to market in 1967. It was then a car resembling the Ford Mustang, which comes in XR-7 luxury and sporting GT. But compared to the latter which suits the taste of Americans', Cougar was flavored more with European styling. What's notable about this unit is that it was able to gain the choice of Motor Trend Magazine as Car of the Year only upon its introduction. Cougar was Mustang's twin for seven years and a muscle car option. When 1970 stepped in, signs of its shifting to a pony car became evident. Significantly, the performance it provides declined a bit to emphasize more its luxury features. The Mercury Cougar then appeared to be more fashionable. And then, in 1971, Cougar convertible came in.

Cougar was Mercury entry for personal luxury car segment in 1974, along with Ford Elite. Whereas the other creations of Ford were downsized, Cougar was upsized into becoming Thunderbird's sibling. But at this point, it was available only in XR-7. A new design was seen when it appeared at the showrooms in 1997. Customers witnessed a Cougar that's a mixture of Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln Continental Mark V. And aside from featuring the best seller XR-7 2-door coupe, sedan and station wagon were added to the line-up. After two years, it was transformed into a mid-size car that offers more reliability that's equaled by real nice aesthetics. Cougar also was featured in sport compact and hatchback. Transitions continued, pulling out and adding same-same auto types to make-up with the evolution of vehicle needs and trend.

The life of Mercury Cougar was finally discontinued in 2002 when it's no longer hitting the market good enough. Nonetheless, the performance and notable success that Cougar showcased in the earlier years may still live with your units with Partstrain's high quality aftermarket Mercury Cougar parts and accessories, it'll surely remain great.