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Mercury is a division of Ford Motor Company that was founded in 1939 to sell semi-luxury cars which will fill the gap between entry-level Ford and luxury Lincoln vehicles. One of the vehicles produced by this marque is Mercury Capri. Over the years, the name Capri has been utilized by different cars. All of the cars wearing Capri badge were marketed by Mercury in North America. The said name was first used in Lincoln Capri model way back in 1950s. This name was said to match the island in Italy but it can also be a short term for the word "capricious".

In 1969, the Ford Capri in Europe came out as "baby Mustang" and was positioned in the 2-door car market. It comes with a long hood and a short trunklid. Though these models were assembled in Cologne Germany, they were also marketed in North America by means of Lincoln-Mercury dealers. During its peak season, the sales of Capri in North America were the highest for import models, except for Beetle model of Volkswagen. Due to their affordability, performance and styling, this model is now becoming a sought-after vehicle for restoration.

During the period of 1979 to 1986, another Ford Mustang version was sold through dealership bearing the name Mercury Capri. This was Mercury's first pony car from 1974, when Mercury Cougar was upsized to match the Ford Thunderbird. The said Capri was made in the platform of Ford Fox, which was also utilized for the Ford Mustang in the year 1979 up to 2004. Throughout the years of its production, the Mercury Capri that was based on Fox was quite unchanged. Its unique fender flares and its squared-off grille and front fascia remained. The major change takes place in 1983 with the introduction of hatchback that's racing-inspired, featuring compound rear window and a new taillights and rear bumper.

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