Inspired by the Roman god who's known for his incredible speed and stylish winged sandals, Mercury's identity took its flight and became one of the most distinguished car brands of Ford Motor Company. As a bold move, Ford has created this division in 1939 to fill in the gap between Lincoln and Ford line of cars. This brand is not only popular for its excellent performance but it's also known to be equally appealing. And on top of that, it's way cheaper and more economical than Ford's high-end cars. Its first car, Mercury Eight, is made up of a fully-powered engine that can offer up to 95 horsepower, and other premium Mercury parts, which gained popularity among the driving enthusiasts. But when World War II started, Ford stopped manufacturing this car.

Right when the war ended, Ford, again, began to produce Mercury's line of cars that are looking more like Lincoln than a Ford. In 1950, this brand had developed its Mercury auto parts, and one of these is a Merc-O-Matic, which is its first automatic transmission. Not only did it focused on enhancing its performance, this automaker also created accessories like "frenched" headlamps and sleek auto grilles that brought more pizzazz into its over-all appearance. With its streak of fame, even James Dean drove a customized Mercury in the film "Rebel Without a Cause."

During the 1960's, it has made its mark in the automotive industry when its new models, Comet and Meteor, shoot up their sales in the market. Since its release, drivers had the option of picking a car that epitomizes both style and function. And at the latter part of the decade, this brand has launched its most famous model, Mercury Cougar, or most commonly known as the "muscle car"-its own version of Mustang. Between 1970's and 1980's, Mercury's success soared up in the profit ladder and became the most sought-after brand of Ford. It also created Capri and Bobcat (1970s) and Lynx and Grand Marquis (1980s) as response to the fuel crisis that time. But what made Mercury's name at the top of the list is when it released Mercury Sable.

Up until today, Mercury's line of cars is still in production, pushing things into the direction of world-class innovation. Whether it's Milan or Mariner, Mercury never ceases to improve its ride quality, making it more fuel-efficient and environmental-friendly. When it comes to maintenance, replacing the worn or damaged Mercury parts is a must in order to keep the car in good working condition. So for high-quality Mercury auto parts and accessories, Parts Train is the perfect store you can count on. It's the leading automotive store that has a wide selection of automotive products that you can choose from. With our big discounts and budget-friendly promos, you'll surely spend less while saving more! So what else are you waiting for? Start shopping here today!