Mercedes Benz S Class Parts & Accessories

One of the luxury class of the Mercedes Benz is the S Class that offers a classy, coddling, luxury, and yet practical Mercedes models. The existence of the S Class is cannot be determined until now since it always carries the most spacious and the largest luxury vehicle in all class of Mercedes Benz. However, the first S class that is ever built is in the modest of the Ponton models with a six cylinder sedan that is known as the W180 body style. It also has a limousine in its line which is the Mercedes 600 that is considered as a limited production.

On the early of 2000, the Mercedes Benz S Class has been damaged its reputation by manufacturing a vehicle that is sagging in quality and reliability. It was reported that the S Class as having a below average rating in its reliability on its 2000 to 2003 models, that also includes a poor electrical components and power equipment. Nevertheless, the Mercedes Benz continues to strive even harder in order to bring back its reputation as one of the most selling luxury vehicles in its class. The new Mercedes Benz S Class vehicles are now gaining its way and bringing back its reputation with the Mercedes strategies being infused to the flagship of the S Class.

The New Mercedes Benz S Class line up has more tangible improvements such as its appearance, handling, control, feel, and performance. Since the previous S class was always been styled with fashion and elegance, the newer models preserve many classic and traditional Mercedes Benz style such as the split grille design and the three pointed star on the hood. It also increases its external dimension making it bigger and stronger for enhanced crash protection and better handling.

The interior design of the new Mercedes Benz S Class is also overhauled to keep it competitive and retain its luxurious feel and ambiance. The driver's panel has been reorganized making it more spacious because the shifter is relocated from the center to the right side of the steering column wherein it has a short shift lever to maximize the space and reduces shifting time for optimum gear selection.

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