Mercedes Benz E350 Parts & Accessories

The Mercedes Benz E350 is one of the models in the line of Mercedes Benz E Class which replaces the E320. This model offers a real good deal in its price since it features a high luxury and quality with an improve engine power and performance than its predecessors. Although its outside appearance hardly unchanged, the name of the model is new and it has more important changes in terms of power, performance, handling, and control ability. One of the most important enhancement that the Mercedes Benz E350 has than the E320 is its engine and transmission system that are completely new in design and engineering.

We all know that when a new model is introduced, a new and powerful engine is being used as this model established. However, the massive power that its engine provides retains the fuel economy that the E320 is known for. It means that the Mercedes Benz E350 offers both power and economy in a whole new package. The new seven speed transmission system is both an innovative technology and sophisticated that features electronic controls in order to totally manage and have a perfect shift every time. It also has the newest onboard technology accessories such as a standard CD player or an optional in dash six-disc MP3 and CD player. These entire enhancements are made to provide the most luxurious vehicle.

Since the Mercedes Benz E350 is a luxury vehicle, its comfort and elegance must not be neglected. It features a contemporary interior design that provides an ample of light for a huge spacious feel with the Mercedes standard burled walnut trim and chrome binding that provides the touch of world's elegance. To reduce the inner glare, dark materials are used on the top of each instrument panel including the dashboard. The seats are also firmly padded and trimmed for optimum comfort with a touch of sporty feel.

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