Mercedes Benz CLK430 Parts & Accessories

It was the luxury brand that Mercedes Benz became popular of, and it was the exemplified product quality that MB becomes renowned of. These are truths that DaimlerChrysler should be proud about this vehicle, for it contributes a lot in making the company truly dependable and respected. Within the years of service and of molding different innovations, Mercedes Benz reached the level of what we consider as successful. Many times have it brought achievements that only the best engineers can provide. And throughout the world the proof of these engineering is witnessed, for Mercedes Benz is running on different lands all over the planet.

Maybe you already have experienced the power that's within other vehicles and driven almost every Mercedes Benz unit. Have you tried any edition in the CLK-Class? It's surely worth driving. CLK-Class is a medium-sized luxury rear-wheel drive vehicle that comes both in coupe and convertibles. CLK320, CLK55 AMG and CLK500 were the initial units, yet after several years extended their reach by creating additional innovations one of which is the CLK430.

Mercedes Benz CLK430 joined the class in the 1998 until 2002 release in the market. Like all other models it's available in coupe and convertible, and in year 2000 added up with cabriolet. The coupe was driven by a powerful 4.3-liter V8 engine coupled by 5-speed automatic transmission, kicking 275 horsepower and 295 pound per feet of torque, and refined by the sports suspension, making it a high-performance luxury coupe. In 2001 it retained the balance of beauty, power, stability, reliability and ride quality. Additional safety-oriented devices are also included such as turn signal repeaters and electronic stability programming. It indeed feels too stable even when taking sharp corners.

Despite of the stunning characteristics that Mercedes CLK 430 possesses, the automaker decided to pull it off the production and retained only the original CLK320, CLK500 and CLK55 AMG. But no matter what happened in the process of decision making, that edition was never a shame to the league of Mercedes Benz vehicles as well as to the heritage of DaimlerChrysler.