Mercedes Benz CLK320 Parts & Accessories

Utilizing the capability of DaimlerChrysler in building quality automobiles, Mercedes Benz was able to create amazing platforms that have actually reached the top level when it comes to engineering. This happens in reality, maybe because the automaker is genius in auto machining, or maybe it's just that it has the efficient formula. From the beginning that capability was proved to be real, and as the technology evolves, it also entered the state of growing a lot more refined, powerful and reliable.

As Mercedes Benz developed its full line up, it decided to build various kinds of platforms. It has got compact vehicles, small, and medium to large sized units, sports cars, as well as trucks. Within the medium sized luxury cars there's the CLK-Class which include CLK500, CLK55 AMG and CLK320 as primary models. They all possess equipments, accessories and other devices that bring out the abilities that a client just need to have.

The CLK320 is one of the models which existed right when the class was introduced to the market. It was then available in coupe and convertible just like its siblings CLK430 and CLK55 AMG. The CLK320 was also made available in cabriolet. In 1998 its coupe edition was powered by a 3.2-liter V6 engine. After a year it featured the 4.3-liter V8 as a cabriolet. In the next generation, Mercedes Benz CLK-Class transformed into a longer, much wider and higher platform, and this time given CLK320 a 3.2-liter 18-valve single overhead cam V6 engine with 5-speed automatic transaxle, still in coupe and cabriolet versions.

The very first Mercedes Benz CLK320 drives like a sports car, a true European luxury car ride with precise steering, and ample power, plus improved handling and balance. Another thing that's great about this vehicle is its environment friendly attribute, unusually combining low emissions and power in one great machine. CLK320 was able to retain the impressive characters, providing customers a vehicle that gives excellent response both on highway and city driving. It feels smoother in high-speed cruising, and gave out remarkable response in acceleration. And as expected, Mercedes Benz gave CLK320 improved and exciting look in a design that's getting more and more superior.