Mercedes Benz 300SD Parts & Accessories

The Mercedes Benz 300sd is under the S class of Mercedes with a chassis platform similar to the W126 that is produced between 1979 and 1991. It has been estimated that the 300sd including other models similar to it has manufactured more than 800,000 units that are sold worldwide but mostly on United States. The Mercedes Benz 300sd is considered as the most popular and most best selling S class model to date. This model was available on a shorter wheel based 4-door sedan type vehicle. The model was first introduced at the IAA in Frankfurt on the late of 1970's and its appearance has made it more unique and differed from the rest of the Mercedes line up at that time.

At first appearance, some people did not appreciate the body design of the Mercedes Benz 300sd. Nevertheless, for months of existence, it started making noise with the total innovation that it possesses. The main objective of the design team of the 300sd was to produce a vehicle that is smoother, more aerodynamic, and lighter in order to make it faster than its preceding model. The Mercedes Benz 300sd alone end up producing and selling 415,000 units which is considered as the most of any Mercedes Benz S class vehicle. The model remained competitive and reliable during its long production run.

Since the Mercedes Benz 300sd is totally new innovation in that time, it features the first airbag system as an additional measure of passenger and driver's safety. On the mid of 1980's, the driver side airbag was introduced and years later, the passenger airbag was presented. The anti-locking brake system (ABS) is also introduced in this model making it safer especially when driving on wet pavements. To complete its safety features, a pre-tensioner seat belts are used with ETR enabled that virtually tightens when the vehicle sensed a condition that could lead to an accident such as forceful or unwanted braking.

The hydraulic system is also started using from the Mercedes Benz 300sd wherein it uses the self leveling suspension system. It utilizes 2-nitrogen ballast to automatically level the body of the vehicle and a 4-wheel hydraulic leveling system that allows you to set it in 3 different positions. For optimum comfort, it also employ an 8-way powered dual stage heated front seat with two memory function to retain the position of power adjustable steering column and seat position for driver.

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