Mercedes Benz 300E Parts & Accessories

Talking about Mercedes Benz vehicles, the E class must not be neglected for it is considered as one of the mid size luxury vehicle in the industry. One of the oldest models in the E class is the Mercedes Benz 300e that has an internal chassis from the W124 platform. This model is first introduced in the late of 1980's and ended up its production after over 90 years of existence. It is basically a 4-door sedan type mid size luxury vehicle that is capable of unleashing a more or less 220 horses of power in its 3.2 liter inline six with dual camshafts. The Mercedes Benz 300e is an ultimate performance vehicle that its capability dramatically led to the engineering of V8 powered engine variants.

In the early of 1990's, the Mercedes Benz 300e has features a two traction improvement with its traction control system wherein it became and optional package on its rear wheel drive versions. It also introduced the automatic locking differential that could be installed on its turbo and diesel powered sedan edition. After a year, the Mercedes Benz 300e unleashes two new form that hold a powerful V8 engine wherein other E class model namely the 400E and another S class 500 SL borrowed its twin cam, 4.2 liter V8 engine that can produce a massive 258 horsepower.

The inline six Mercedes Benz 300e has been the most popular and best selling vehicles in the history of Mercedes that features a combination of equilibrium, efficiency, power, economy, dependability, worth, and a solid luxury appearance. The 300e model has reach a more or less 100,000 units built and sold around the world. The interior aspect of the 300e comes with a standard leather seat and dashboard finish with a touch of a zebrano wood and a crowd of standard luxury accessories that are expected on a vehicle with this caliber.

The early Mercedes Benz 300e was available in 4 speed automatic transmission or on a 5 speed manual transmission. It also has a curb weight of 3195 lbs making it one of the lightest luxury vehicles. The Mercedes Benz 300e is made with pure new engineering that it is built close to perfection as you can find on the market today. With its powerful engine and innovative body design, together it plays a big role in reaching 0 to 60 mph as fast as 8 seconds for the older 300e and less than 8 seconds on the newer version.

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