Mercedes Benz 300D Parts & Accessories

The first Mercedes Benz 300d was introduce in the mid of 1970's and was primarily catered to the consumer around United States. It started its existence with a large 3.0 liter displacement and a straight five cylinder normal aspirated indirect injection diesel powered engine. It produces an astonishing 80 to 90 horses of power. In that time, that amount of horsepower is a new technology that forces many engineers to develop faster and more powerful internal combustion engines. The Mercedes Benz 300d uses the chassis platform similar to the W123 that virtually surpassed its predecessor making this as one of the most produced platform in the Mercedes history.

The letter d on the Mercedes Benz 300d implies as diesel since its engine uses diesel rather than gasoline. The Mercedes Benz 300d was been enhance making it as the first turbo diesel vehicle of Mercedes Benz in the early of 1980's. The engine starts to upgrade its power wherein it develops a 118 to 123 horsepower that dramatically improved the vehicle's performance while still maintaining the excellent reliability and efficiency of earlier models. The model also has two available shifting options that include 4-speed automatic transmission and the 5-speed manual transmission system. However, the power window feature is only released on American market with no indicated reasons.

Basically, the Mercedes Benz 300d is a 4-door station wagon turbo diesel vehicle that continues to gain its existence by upgrading its chassis from W123 to W124 on the early of 1990's but with a completely new design to pursue the ever changing design and technology in the vehicle industry. As part of the W124 chassis family, the Mercedes Benz 300d has also upgraded its diesel engine to the more powerful 2.5 liter OM602 engine with a turbocharged inline five cylinder.

The entire enhancement that is done to the Mercedes Benz 300d is basically made to make the availability of the model in the market much longer. Even the parts and accessories are widely available for either replacement or restoration option. However, purchasing your Mercedes Benz 300d parts on a nearby shop may give you a lot of risk and those parts may be too old to work efficiently. If you choose to acquire it from an online shop, you are rest assured that all parts are new and all are in good working condition.

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