Mercedes Benz 190E Parts & Accessories

The 1986 Mercedes Benz 190E is can be compared to the legendary Ferrari GTO that is designed out of a passion for motor sports. The uniqueness of this vehicle proves that it will be on of the best vehicle designed by the company and still running and been modified to better performance these days. The Mercedes Benz W201 (name of the vehicle inside the company) was been entered to rally sport to showcase the new model and later it was the idea was changed and it was entered rather to road racing. This was the first Mercedes Benz vehicle that is sold relatively inexpensive and as a result, the company strongly desired to promote the new model's attributes and showcase its' abilities in motor sports.

The handling and control capability of the vehicle is also enhanced by installing a multi link rear suspension. This kind of suspension is been used by Mercedes Benz with their 190 series and it was very influential in providing sporty and competitive handling. The company also introduces a 16 valve head cylinder with mechanical valve filters that is commonly used in today's vehicle technology. It provides the end user a 180 horsepower from only 2.3 liters of displacement which may not sound a lot compared to today's vehicle engines. In that time, that figure of horsepower is too much that it could win a road race anytime.

In the summer of late 1980's, the Mercedes Benz 190E set out to break the record of long distance high speed at Nardo, Italy. The vehicle is running continuously at around 202 hours with a speed of 154 mph and resulting to break multiple records including the 50,000 km level. The only stop point of that time is to refuel the vehicle, change drivers and service maintenance checkup while the clock is still clicking to its right time.

Because of this endurance test that is implicated to the Mercedes Benz 190E, it became popular and the company gained many rewarding thoughts that made them one of the vehicle manufacturers that built a world class vehicle. Because of the competition in the world of vehicle industry, the production Mercedes Benz 190E was stop to give way to better and more powerful machine that we have seen today. Since this vehicle is no longer in the production list of the company, replacement parts are still on the market and one way to purchase it is through our online store. Parts Train provides large array of Mercedes Benz 190E parts that is affordable and high quality as well.