Although they have different approaches in building vehicles, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz have one vision right from the beginning: to create the best car in the world, which later on led to the birth of Mercedes Benz. But before youtake a look at its technologically-advanced Mercedes parts and accessories, let's begin with its grass roots and how these two car proprietors merged and developed into one of the largest automotive makers in the world.

Daimler and Benz were both born in Southern Germany. Even though Daimler is 10 years older than Benz, they both have the same deep fascination with mechanical stuff like machines. Carl Benz translated his fresh concepts and designs, and created his own first sports car-1894 Benz Velo-that competed in the Paris-Rouen race. However, Benz wasn't the only one interested in ruling the racing scene. Daimler was as eager as Benz in entering different race competitions, and has even beaten Benz a couple of times with his Mercedes. But when World War 1 began, Daimler and Benz concentrated on manufacturing war materials. After the battle, the economy of Germany fell that it badly affected its automobile production, including their companies. Because of economic instability, Benz and Daimler both agreed on merging their companies in 1924, but they will still remain their identities separated. And as a symbol of their merger, they used a three-point star with laurel and carried the name Mercedes Benz.

Today, this German car company has expanded and produced a wide range of vehicles-from trucks to sports and luxury cars. Known for its premium quality and excellent durability, Mercedes Benz became of the most reliable automobiles not only among European nations but also across America. From time to time, Benz launches various accessories to update and further improve the over-all appearance of its car models. More so, it has produced a set of Mercedes Benz parts like turbo engines, sporty suspension and efficient brakes for better road and race performance. These components have undergone a series of tests making them fit and ready for heavy-duty purposes.

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