Mazda RX-8 Parts & Accessories

The rotary engine of the Mazda Corporation is continuing to surprise the market with the all new Mazda RX-8 vehicle. The new RX-8 is made to set the standard and be apart from the crowd with its Renesis rotary type engine that provides more horsepower than other Mazda RX series. The Mazda brings back the unique kind of engine that they used on its later models that make history to the vehicle industry. Since the rotary engine is exclusively used by Mazda vehicles, their model makes it unique and stands out from the rest. The new breed of super charged vehicle is now on loose in the face of the new Mazda RX-8.

The rotary engine is been invented by a German engineer Felix Wankel in the early 1920's. Only Mazda Corporation has been using this technology since they have manufactured their vehicle such as the Mazda R100, RX, and R130. They have been using this technology until now because it is smaller, lighter, and provide a smooth flow of power. The elimination of several parts from a conventional piston engine makes it even powerful. Instead of using a piston that can cause stress in the combustion chambers, the rotary engine uses a triangular rotor that is directly connected to the output shaft producing massive engine power. The Renesis rotary engine is perfectly fit to the Mazda RX-8 that makes it meaner and tougher sports vehicle available today.

With new sporty design and better performance, the Mazda RX-8 makes it a sign of a new breed of sports vehicle to hit the town. The interior design has also been modified to cater today's enthusiasts purchasing both elegance and sporty looks. The interior finish is also been upgraded to more sophisticated material not like its predecessors that have a poor interior finish just to cut off the cost of the vehicle. Even if the RX-8 is a compact vehicle, it can squeeze four tall people inside without any problems.

The new Mazda RX-8 is been equipped with new system such as power steering to provide more control to the wheels and to increase the safety features of the vehicle. It also have an anti lock brakes system (ABS) to provide more braking power to match the output power of its engine. No other sports vehicle can be like this that combines the entire necessary feature that a vehicle could have.

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