Mazda MX-6 Parts & Accessories

The Mazda MX-6 is a front-wheel drive produced by Mazda from 1988 to 1997. It was built in America with a combined effort of Mazda and Ford Corporation which is called as the Auto Alliance. This machine was designed as a sporty coupe capable of giving a relaxing cruise around the city with its excellent interior design of a sports vehicle. The engine of the MX-6 is perfectly suited to the characteristics of the vehicle allowing you to have the ride of your life, providing you the firm and ideal acceleration. Although, this vehicle is not as strong as V6 engine-run vehicles of today, it could surely captivate the hearts of many car enthusiasts.

The Mazda MX-6 had a spacious interior design for more passengers to fit in, as well as large rear compartment for extra cargo space. Four golf bags can squeeze right through the spacious rear compartment which can also be accessed by sliding the passenger seat. The cabin is also spacious enough to accommodate more passengers than other coupes are capable of. The only down fall of this vehicle is that its interior is made from cheap plastic. The same problem has been posed since the early nineties. The cheap finish is done to provide lower cost. Nevertheless the overall appearance looks great.

The MX-6 is such a reliable vehicle that is capable of running from all road conditions without much hesitation nor complaints. The mechanical equipments and performance parts of this vehicle are quite astonishing and are known with no faults over the years. MX-6 has both a 4 cylinder engine (when MX-6 was first introduced) and a V6 engine (newer model) that has a 2 — 2.5 liter gasoline. The V6 engine of Mazda MX-6 can produce a whooping 164 horsepower or even higher depending on what modifications you provided this machine. It also has a 4-speed automatic overdrive or a 5-speed manual overdrive just like the vehicles that are created these days. The engine of this vehicle is very responsive and boasts a good balance of low down torque and high end power.

The strut type suspension system of the Mazda MX-6 is fully dependable and compliant, and could handle bumps, potholes and ridges very well, making it a vehicle that is a must have. No other vehicle can give you this kind of ride. The handling and control of this vehicle also superb, giving you a truly firm and stable drive for a great driving experience. If something gets wrong, Mazda MX-6 parts are all available at PartsTrain.