Mazda B3000 Parts & Accessories

Mazda's name continues to be a tough competitor in the automobile industry. It offers a wide range of vehicles and among them are sub-compact passenger cars, minivans, full-size vans, luxury cars, sports cars and pickup trucks. Mazda simply started in the production of machine tools until it produced its first four-wheel, the Mazda R360 in 1960. Mazda may not yet have the same reputation as the likes of Ford and Chrysler automobiles but its line of automobiles prove to be competitive.

Among the line of vehicles manufactured by Mazda that became so captivating particularly among the male population is the pickup truck. To make it more appealing the Mazda pickup trucks combined style that exudes sophistication, agility and strength. Its extra-ordinary driving performance provides a one-of-a-kind driving experience characterized by comfort, convenience, and pleasure. Mazda pickup trucks are indeed a perfect travel body able to accommodate a number of passengers at the same time carry and transport more cargo.

Mazda's line of pickup trucks is identified through its B-series name scheme. The Mazda B-series was introduced in Japan in 1961. It was initially offered with the B1500 model and from then on, the B-series had reached the international market. In North America, the Mazda B-series name was changed to Mazda Truck in the model year 2002. But prior to this name change, the B-series numerical nomenclature was used to indicate the pickup truck's engine displacement.

The Mazda B-series was introduced in the American market with the 1971 B1600. It was later joined by the Rotary Pickup and by 1977 the B1600 was upgraded to B1800. Other B-series models soon followed until the last model year of 2002. In 1998, a new B-series model was offered with improved engine type and trim lines. This was the Mazda B3000 which had its production in North America from 1998 up to 2001. The Mazda B3000 boasted the large Ford V6 engines available in extended cab models. All-wheel drive was also featured in the two trim lines, the LE and the SE.

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