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They maybe a neophyte in the automobile industry as compared to the American "Big Three" automobile makers but they proved to be competitive in their own ways. This is the Mazda Motor Company of Japan who succeeded in bringing its name in the international market. Mazda started to produce vehicles when "Mazda Go" was introduced in 1931. From then on, Mazda's line of vehicles was developed gradually and became one of the common household vehicles of today.

Mazda offered the automobile industry with wide range of vehicles and among which are compact cars, sports cars, van, and pickup trucks. In particular, Mazda's line of pickup trucks was marketed globally that went as far as the North America, Canada, and Europe. In North America, Mazda's pickup trucks were developed by Ford and were simply named as the Mazda Truck. The line of Mazda pickup trucks was named in series to identify the engine's specification such as the engine displacement.

The name scheme adopted by Mazda to identify its line of pickup trucks was the B-series. The Mazda B-series actually started in Japan with the model B1500 that was introduced in 1961. After more than ten years, the Mazda B-series began to be produced in North America which initially offered the Mazda B1600. The B1600 was upgraded in 1977 and came out with a new name, the Mazda B1800. These two models were available as two-door compact pickup trucks and went through production line up to 1979.

Further updates wee made in the B-series and by the year 1980 the new Mazda B2000 was offered with a 2.0 L F/MA engine. This new B2000 was also available in a long bed version and after a couple of years later, the B2000 was joined by Mazda B2200.The Mazda B2200 was equipped with a 2.2 L I4 engine. The body style that was used by Mazda B2200 was a two-door compact pickup in standard and long bed. The Mazda B2200 continued to be produced and was offered with various enhancements specifically on its engine. The last engine used in the model year 1993 of Mazda B2200 was the F2 I4 that produced 85 hp at 2.2 L.

Mazda's pickups are still very much alive today and probably will continue to be on the road as long as you provide it with proper maintenance and regular check up. However, your Mazda B2200 will also show signs of failures due to the normal wearing that are indispensable to happen to any type of vehicle. But you can always restore your Mazda B2200's running condition by replacing its defective parts. And Parts Train is right here to provide you with whatever your Mazda B2200 may need. All you have to do is browse Parts Train's comprehensive list of Mazda replacement parts and place your order at the same time through Parts Train's online ordering system.