Mazda B2000 Parts & Accessories

Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer that is based in Hiroshima, Japan. Its beginnings can be traced back in 1920 but the name Mazda was formally adopted only in 1984. Since then, Mazda's automobile brand name had reached as far as the United States and Canada. Basically, Mazda's low-price scheme in an up-to-date type of vehicle is probably the reason that propelled Mazda's car manufacturing business. Now, Mazda continues to produce more models that are equally powerful and stylish as to its competitors.

Mazda had come up with its own name scheme that characterized the type of vehicle it carries. Just like the Dodge D-series that identifies the Dodge's light to heavy duty pickup trucks, Mazda has its own version that identifies its own line of pickup trucks. The Mazda B-series was introduced in Japan in 19961 with the initial model as the Mazda B1500. The basic B-series was named for its engine displacement thus; the B1500 had a 1500 cc engine. This B-series had reached the North American market where it was developed by Ford.

The North American version of the B-series started out with the Mazda B1600 that was offered in 1972. It was upgraded in terms of its engine and became the Mazda B1800 in 1977. Both B1600 and B1800 were manufactured as a two-door compact pickup truck with a 1.6 L and 1.8 L engines respectively. After three years since the Mazda B1800 was offered in the market, it was replaced by Mazda B2000 in 1980. The Mazda B2000 used a 2.0 L F/MA engine but was updated in 1985.

The Mazda B2000 co-existed with other B-series models that were produced from 1992 to 1993. These models were available as a two-door compact, two-door extended cab, and four-door double cab pickups. In particular, the Mazda B2000 was also available in a long bed version and was given the model name Sundowner. By 1986, a new B-series was introduced with a four-speed automatic transmission and the five-speed that was featured through 1990.

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