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Through the years, Lincoln has successfully introduced and produced some of the automobile industry's best and well-admired historical models, including the recent ones. There are the Lincoln L Series and K Series, Continental, Capri, Navigator, LS V8, Mark LT, MKX, MKZ and the Town Car (Lincoln's flagship). There is also another Lincoln model in the name of Lincoln Zephyr that has amazingly made an impact in the history of Lincoln. The Zephyr is a low-priced luxury car that was very much akin to Cadillac's LaSalle only that the latter is smaller. It was considered to be the first successful updated automobile after Chrysler's Airflow during the 1930s.

Originally, the Zephyr was introduced in 1935 and was produced until 1942. However, the name Zephyr was again used to revive the old model in 2005 but this time, the name Zephyr was changed to MKZ by 2006 as a 2007 model. Nevertheless, when you talk about the original Zephyr, it refers to the two-door and four-door sedan, and the three-window coupe that was added in 1937, followed by the convertible coupe and sedan a year later, and an additional club coupe in 1940. At the break of World War I, the Zephyr production was discontinued, until it was revived after the war as the Lincoln Continental, having some changes and developments.

Moreover, the vehicle has a powerplant of V12 engine, and was added with hydraulic lifters in 1938. Initially, a 4.4-liter engine was used on the automobile to generate up to 110 horsepower and to reach the 90 miles an hour speed rate. After four years, the engine was replaced by the 5.0-liter engine, and finally by the 4.8-liter engine in 1946. In terms of body, it was of a monocoque (unibody) construction and was very rigid. Despite its size, it is weighs only 1, 520 kilograms (quite light for its size). Further, the vehicle's suspension was quite oblique and springs out both at the front and rear portion. Its brakes were cable operated before it was changed into hydraulic. And finally, the Zephyr was the first Ford automobile to exhibit an all-steel roof.

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