Lincoln Town Car Parts & Accessories

Lincoln's Town Car first appeared in 1959 as Lincoln Continental's limousine version. It was offered only in black and it had a vinyl top, setting it apart from the rest of the Continental. After ten years, the Town Car reappeared in the market, this time as Continental's luxury package for the 1971 model. First batch of models were offered in four-doors but later models were available in two-door coupes. In 1981, the Town Car was launched as a different Lincoln model and is still marketed by Lincoln as one of its best vehicles. It shares platform with the Ford Panther and ford Crown Victoria.

The Lincoln Town Car went through a major redesign in 1990 and was offered with a standard rear axle air suspension. Three level trims were offered for this year: the Town Car Executive, the Town Car Signature and the Town Car Cartier. Engines offered for the Town Car include a 5.0 L 150-hp V8, 4.6 L 190-hp V8 and 4.6 L 210-hp V8. Major changes were again done with the 1998 model, which no longer had hood ornaments and angular shapes. The engine was also improved, which now produces 220 horsepower. For the 2003 model, the top level Cartier trim was out of the Town Car line up, however, it was offered again in 2004 as the Ultimate Town Car model.

Upgrading continuous on the 2005 Lincoln Town Car model. The new Town Car flaunts modern styling with subtle classic touches. It is fitted with a set of striking 17-in 9-spoke chromed aluminum wheels that tells you it's ready to give you an enjoyable ride. Its lighting system with auto on/off delay features is just as impressive. It includes quad-beam complex reflector halogen headlamps, cornering lamps and programmable running lamps. The Town Car also has keyless entry system, which makes it more convenient for the driver to lock and open the door using a remote key with personalized code. With this system the driver can lock or unlock the doors and the trunklid even 33 feet away from the car.

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