Lincoln Mark VIII Parts & Accessories

Following the successful Lincoln Continental Mark VII in 1993 was the Lincoln Mark VIII. Like its predecessor, it was a luxury coupe based on the Ford Thunderbird platform, also used in the Ford Cougar model. This model went into production only for five years due to poor sales and its final year also marked the end of the Lincoln Mark Series. Although it was not received widely by auto users, the Lincoln Mark VIII definitely still had its prominent luxurious qualities that made Lincoln Continental Mark among the best autos ever produced by Ford.

The first few years of Lincoln Mark VIII were good enough. Everybody who gets a chance to drive it would say the same things: it's comfortable and luxurious. The mere look at this Lincoln model would make you think it actually is. Lincoln Mark VIII featured big, comfortable and plush seats, though like many other coupes, the rear seat is a bit restricted. Nevertheless, the leather and multi-adjustable seats are all finely made, typical of a luxury vehicle like Lincoln. There's a swing-up steering wheel that jumps out of the way when you open the driver-side door. The dash has a sweeping curve and everything else inside the cabin looks pleasantly attractive. With its plush interior amenities, you would surely be relaxed during long trips.

Behind the wheel, you experience a different excitement because Lincoln Mark VIII is capable of exceeding speed limits—literally. With its remarkable agility, you would think you're in a sports car. A 4.6 L V8 matched with an electronic four-speed automatic transmission gives this car a powerful performance. The said V8 engine delivers an impressive 280 horsepower, which is surprisingly economical, averaging at 22 miles per gallon. Handling is equally laudable, as expected from its firm sports coupe platform. Adding spice to driving the Lincoln Mark VIII, especially at night, are the high-intensity low-beam headlights that are exceptionally wider and brighter.