Lincoln Mark VII Parts & Accessories

Lincoln is Ford Motor Company's luxury vehicle division. Various high-status cars have been produced by Lincoln; among them is the Lincoln Continental, which was out in the market since 1939. Edsel Ford had it designed and created for his spring vacation but eventually, it was largely produced after it gained positive remarks from his friends. Through the years, Lincoln Continental has undergone a lot of changes and upgrading in terms of styling, performance and luxurious features.

The Lincoln Mark VII is one of the descendants of the old and famous Lincoln Continental. It was first known as the Lincoln Continental Mark VII, a large luxury rear wheel drive coupe introduced in 1984. Being under the same parent company, Lincoln and Ford models shared the same platforms and other major auto components. Lincoln Mark VII shared its platform with the Ford Thunderbird, a sports car which was produced by Ford since 1955. Like the Lincoln Mark VII, the Thunderbird also came with plush amenities and was marketed by Ford as a personal luxury car rather than a sports car.

In the 80s when the Lincoln Mark VII debuted, no other luxury car equaled Lincoln's comfort and convenience features. At that time, Lincoln Mark VII already had power accessories, keyless entry, leather seats and high-tech features such as computer/ message center and other digital instruments. Also, it was the first vehicle in America to have composite headlights. Each of the four Lincoln Mark VII models, namely the Lincoln Mark VII Base trim, Lincoln Mark VII Versace, Lincoln Mark VII and the Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass Designer, exhibited refinement in terms of design and equipments that are way too far from the rest.

Powering the Lincoln Mark VII models are 5.0 L V8 engine and the unique 2.4 L Straight-6 Diesel engine with Steyr design and turbocharger. It was supposed that a 5 speed manual transmission was bolted to one of the two engine choices. Another remarkable performance feature of the Lincoln Mark VII is its electronic 4 channel antilock brakes, making it the first vehicle to have this feature.