Lincoln Mark LT Parts & Accessories

The Lincoln Mark LT is a semi luxury pickup vehicle that is manufactured by Lincoln brand under the supervision of Ford Motors Company and introduced on 2005. The Lincoln has tried to market a pickup truck in 2002 to 2003 in the form of Lincoln Blackwood. The Blackwood is also a semi luxury pickup vehicle but it wasn't practical enough because of its black wood that is found in the cargo bed. But this time, the Lincoln Mark LT pickup is an enhance model of the Blackwood version and a chromed up version of the F-150 pickup with leather interior finish and chromed wheels.

Since the Lincoln Mark LT is an upgrade version of the F-150, therefore the Mark LT uses the crew cab chassis of the F-150 with a wheelbase of 139 inch. The overall length of this vehicle is roughly 18.5 feet which is totally maneuverable even in tight spaces. The passenger area can accommodate 3 to 4 person that have a comfortable seat and interior finish that is similar to a sedan type vehicle. The rear passengers have provided a wide head, shoulder and leg room that allows them to stretch their legs especially when having a long ride with family and friends.

Underneath the chrome trimmed hood of the Lincoln Mark LT is a 3 valve per cylinder V8 engine with a displacement of 5.4 liters that provide a whooping more or less 300 horsepower that make it a luxury yet sports pickup vehicle. The massive horsepower that this engine provides is needed to carry the Mark LT weight which is 5,370 pounds especially if you carry an additional cargo. The fuel efficiency of this vehicle is also great for a luxury pickup vehicle which can consume a 14 mpg when on city driving and an 18 mpg when you cruise on highways.

The Lincoln Mark LT has a 139 inch wheel base which offers a great highway ride characteristics. The Lincoln Mark LT is a vehicle that ensures a smooth ride every time your family and friends are going to a field trip or out of town vacations. In making sure that your vehicle stay the way it is, regular inspection must be done to pin point worn out or damage parts. If you need Lincoln Mark LT parts, Parts Train is here to serve your needs. We have the widest array of parts and accessories that will surely maintain or even increases its performance.