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Back in 2001, Lincoln made its first luxury pickup truck, the Blackwood. It was an all-black pickup based on the Ford F-150 crew cab. It carried plush features, sporty styling and a unique truck bed. It was an elegant pickup truck, which depicted Lincoln's long tradition of luxury but it didn't last long in the auto market. In fact, it was only produced in 2002 due to poor sales. Hoping to eventually dominate the luxury pickup truck segment, Lincoln creates another pickup for the 2006 model year, the Lincoln Mark LT. This time, Lincoln has carefully designed it down to the last detail to ensure much awaited success.

Like the Blackwood, the Lincoln Mark LT is based on the Ford F-150 pickup truck, Ford's best-selling pickup trucks existing for more than five decades now. However, when it comes to luxurious features and performance, expect a great difference from the 2006 Lincoln Mark. It holds a gutsy SOHC V8 engine that generates an impressive 300 horsepower and great amount of torque reaching up to 365 lb-ft. This truck is powered by a potent and tough engine yet it drives smoothly and quietly. Lincoln offers the Mark LT in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options. The 4x4 model provides extra traction at all speeds, making your ride secure and easy especially in rough roads and uneven pavements. The two-wheel high-range sends power to the rear wheels, which offers smooth and safe driving like no other.

The Lincoln Mark LT houses plenty of standard equipments that make your ride a real pleasure. Feel the luxury with the high-class Ebony wood, warm steel trim and premium leather trims, rear-sear DVD entertainment system with DVD, CD and MP3 player, 7-inch color flip-down LCD screen and wireless headphones, premium class audio system with speed-compensated volume control. The Lincoln Mark LT is equipped with high-class and excellently designed overhead storage system that keeps the cabin organized and comfortable. Compartments are conveniently positioned and are just within reach of the passengers. What makes your ride with the Lincoln Mark more enjoyable is its generous leg and headroom for the driver and the passengers.

Another Lincoln model that got a Lincoln Mark designation is the Lincoln Mark series that include the Mark VII and Mark VIII. The earlier Mark model was first called as the Continental Mark VII, which was produced from 1984 until its replacement in 1993 by the Lincoln Mark VIII. The Lincoln Mark series were large luxury coupes based on the Ford Thunderbird platform. In 2000, the series was replaced by the Lincoln LS, a rear wheel drive luxury sports sedan.

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