Lincoln Blackwood Parts & Accessories

In 1917, Henry Leland formed the Lincoln Motor Company, which initially manufactured Liberty aircraft engines. After World War I, the company shifted to manufacturing luxury vehicles. The company suffered financial slumps so it was sold to Ford Motor Company, which still owns and manufactures the Lincoln brand. From then on, Lincoln vehicles shared car components with Ford vehicles yet Lincoln still hold its distinct character and maintained its luxurious and high performance prestige through the years. It was considered the best-selling luxury vehicle brand in the United States in 1998 and continues to produce vehicles of highest quality standards to date.

The Blackwood was Lincoln's first luxury pickup truck, sold only in 2002. It was the upscale version of the Ford F-150 Crew Cab, which was introduced in 1999. It flaunts a sporty front-end styling shared with the Lincoln's Navigator SUV while it carries a unique truck bed modified into a trunk with power-operated and weather-proof tonneau and luxurious carpeting. Its black exterior and interior enhances its elegant stance and conveys its plush amenities. Among the standards provided to the Black wood pickup are automatic climate control, six-way power and leather-wrapped seats, heated and cooled front seats, driver seats featuring memory function, power moonroof, Homelink remote control and outside heated mirrors.

Most of Blackwood's interior features were taken from the Lincoln Navigator including the wood-leather steering wheel, instrument panel, stereo controls and air conditioning system and seats. Distinct to the Lincoln Blackwood are its doors and dash with strips of real stained oak and the center console in between rear seats. Also adopted from the Navigator are Blackwood's re-calibrated power steering, front shock absorbers and front suspension that made up a unique Lincoln Blackwood leaf/air rear suspension. This feature provides a virtually car-like handling. Powering this pickup-SUV crossover is a 5.4 L V8 engine, which was also offered for the Lincoln Navigator. A reverse-sensing system is provided to the Blackwood, which warns the driver of a vehicle or object behind it. A series of beeps increases in frequency as the object gets near the vehicle.

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