Lexus SC400 Parts & Accessories

The Lexus SC400 is a kind of all-purpose vehicle that could make you feel smarter, younger and better-looking because this car is provided with a fiery performance whenever you stamp your foot down. The Lexus SC400 is a sport coupe that is powered with a 250-hp V8 engine and outfitted with astoundingly features and amenities you truly can't resist.

Yes, the Lexus SC400 will boast you a long list of standard luxury-line features that will make your ride perfect. Its interior is elegant and superb, as expected as any Lexus. The SC400's leather seats are accustomed with intuitive analog adjusters that are mounted on the outside of each seat cushion. For your beverages, two cup holders come standard, one of which pops skillfully out of the dash for the SC400 occupant. The trunk's capacity that is just about ideal for a road trip by two adults is also provided with a smidgeon for additional purchases along the way.

With regards to the SC400's exterior features, the body shell is also tough just like its sibling, the SC300, to endure wear and tear. Its steering wheel that is coupled with an automatic memory and an automatic tilt-away function for easy entry has both vertical and telescoping adjustments. Other amazing features this vehicle possessed are the outside temperature gauge, the power locks and the remote entry system for easy operation, the automatic climate control and the cruise control.

And what is behind this vehicle's superb performance? Hidden behind the Lexus SC400's distinguished contours is a performance-built weapon which can increase speed up to 60 mph with just a tick above six seconds flat. The glass-smooth four-liter Lexus V8 features variable valve timing that further improves the performance of the SC400's engine. With all these features, no wonder why this vehicle has made it tremendously popular in a market which apparently ignores the personal sport coupe.