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The Lexus is a luxury automobile brand under the Toyota Motor Corporation. It is widely exported around the world, particularly in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Further, the Lexus is United State's best-selling brand of luxury vehicles. For almost two decades, Lexus has already proven itself as a tough competitor to BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda's Acura and Ford's Lincoln.

Lexus has successfully introduced some of the industry's best models. Included in the Lexus model lineup are the midsize four-wheel drive ES, midsize rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive GS, full-size rear-wheel drive LS, coupe and coupe convertible rear-wheel drive SC, crossover SUV RX, midsize SUV GX, large SUV LX and JX, and concept cars LF-C and LF-A. In addition, the Lexus IS is another model worth considering if you plan to buy one.

The Lexus IS, which stands for "Intelligent Sport", is a compact rear-wheel drive luxury sports sedan that was introduced in Japan as Toyota Altezza (also known as the Lexus IS in other countries) in year 1998. It was only a year after when the same automobile was introduced as the Lexus IS in Europe. Such model was intended to slot below the Lexus ES model. It was also designed to serve as a competitor to Mercedes Benz' C-Class and Nissan's Skyline and Infiniti G. The Lexus IS had two generations. The first generation IS (those which were produced from 1998 until 2005) was offered in three variants to which are the AS 200, RS 200 and the AS 300. On the other hand, the second generation IS (those which were introduced in 2006 and are currently produced) was offered in UK under two trims to which are the 250 and 220d, and in US under three trims to which are the 250, 250 AWD and 350. The Lexus IS 350 is equipped with a 3.5-liter 2GR-FSE V6 powerplant that is capable of generating 306 horsepower. Moreover, the 350 is a rear-wheel drive automobile, and uses only an automatic transmission.

The IS 350 is commended for excellent performance and acceleration. Such sport compact sedan can be a good rival to German automobiles. Although there are several disadvantages in the IS 350 in terms of stability and traction control, it would still be a good catch. Considering you already had an IS 350 automobile and been looking for its products for sometime now, then we are happy to serve. Here at Parts Train, we offer great deals of best quality Lexus IS 350 parts and accessories. You can browse our comprehensive catalogue for detailed information and accurate specifications. Check it out now!