Lexus GS450h Parts & Accessories

Another great vehicle manufactured by Lexus, the luxury brand of Toyota, is the Lexus GS series. This GS series is a family of Lexus' mid-size luxury sports sedans which are also known as executive cars. The first Lexus GS series identified as Toyota Aristo was introduced in Japan in 1991. The platform and running gear of this automobile is based on Toyota Crown. Two years later, the said vehicle was then introduced in the United States, Europe, and other markets in Asia. The reasons why Lexus GS was created are to fill the gap between the ES and the LS; and to provide Lexus with a sports car that could contend with the BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Lexus GS series is already in its third generation. And on 2005 New York international Auto Show, another type of Lexus vehicle joined the GS lineup and it was named as Lexus GS450H — a hybrid vehicle for 2007 model year. Lexus GS450H is the first rear-wheel-drive luxury hybrid car that is produced in mass-production. More than that, this vehicle is among the fastest Lexus vehicle ever developed, running as fast as 131mph. The result is high horsepower, great gas mileage and cleaner emission. This outstanding performance is made possible because of its superb and highly reliable V8 engine.

In terms of styling, Lexus GS450H is designed with bold lines, broad shoulders and spectacular details especially safety features. In the driver's seat, a lot of technologically advanced gadgets are installed and they are easy to use. Although Lexus GS450H weighs 4134 lb or 1875kg, still the said vehicle can accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds. This is due to the combined hybrid powertrain that is capable of producing about 330 horsepower.

Considering those great features of Lexus GS450H, for sure, you too want to own the said car. And if you are now one of the Lexus GS450H users, owning it entitles you of some responsibilities so that the vehicle will continuously operate for optimum performance. Make sure that you habitually check everything that is installed in your ride. If one of them starts to malfunction or becomes damaged, repair or replace it as necessary before it can create damage on other components.

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