Lexus GS400 Parts & Accessories

Lexus GS400 Dedicated to make a mark in the luxury sport sedan arena, the Lexus GS300 was redesigned for the first time since it came out five years ago. Answering for the clamor for a ore powerful engine, Lexus introduced along with the redesign the Lexus GS400. The Lexus GS400 was a faster and speedier version of the GS300. Taking on the hide of the GS300, the GS400 had the heart of the LS400 the V8 engine. Combining the power and beauty of its two parents, the GS400 finally gave the GS line of Toyota's luxury division the much needed boost it has longed for.

Both engines became stronger for the redesign, the second generation Lexus GS was now a serious contender and everyone noticed, stepping in the ring with the all new Lexus GS400, many luxury sedan manufacturers rethink their own entries. Toyota's success with their Variable Valve Timing/Intelligence (VVT-I) provided the Lexus GS300 and the stronger Lexus GS400 with the extra oomph it needed. Many auto consumers liked the all new GS400, especially with the aluminum 4 cam V8 engine that produces 300 horsepower. It is the first time that the Variable Valve Timing/Intelligence technology was used on a V8 engine. A five speed automatic transmission was the standard issue.

This was the sporty sedan that stood up to the rest of the competition. It offered all the luxurious features and add-ons that came standard to the others and now with the Lexus GS400 it had ample power to compete with the best of them. The great things is, even with all the same facets, the Lexus GS300 was more affordable compared to the old timers from the European luxury car circuit. After three years the Lexus GS400 was dropped after Lexus produced another car in the line with a bigger engine dubbed as the Lexus GS430 because of its new 4.3 V8 engine.