Lexus GS300 Parts & Accessories

Lexus GS300 Toyota's luxury division intended the Lexus GS300 is the quintessential sport sedan which they intended to compete with the other European league leaders in the sport sedan segment which had long dominated the scene. First released in 1993, this Japanese produced luxury spots sedan was equipped with all the necessary features and accessories to compete with the German cars in all aspects except that they were more affordable, which made them highly popular. The Lexus GS300 was finely crafted, quick, sporty, sophisticated and embodied richness in taste to the hilt. It came in only one trim, luxury.

With all its fine attributes, the first GS300 model was criticized for its 3.0 liter engines' lack of power. Lexus Engineers quickly resolved that issue by including an optional V8 engine for the GS300 and an all new and improved 220-hp, 3.0-liter inline six engine in 1998. The new model provided a blend of sport and luxury appealing to semi cost conscious buyers. For the all-new 2006 model, Lexus outdid itself with the redesign of the GS300 and all the trimmings that came with it.

With a Lexus, you never get tired of hearing the same thing to describe it, Luxury, incidentally that is what its one and only trim level is. The completely redesigned 2006 Lexus GS300 comes with almost everything; the only thing missing is the side dish. A new 24-valve double-overhead-cam engine provided an upgrade of 20 horsepower from the previous engine, plus, a new 6 speed automatic transmission is available. All this power is sufficient for the everyday use and zipping through the highway, just watch out or those radars. On the open road, this sport luxury sedan shines the brightest. Its cabin is very silent, you don't feel any vibrations. It has great handling hugging the roads closely even on hard cornering. Now this is what a luxury sport sedan should be.