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Kia Spectra Not surprisingly, Kia has consistently provided high value in their line-up in the American market. From the astoundingly roomy Sephia to the newest member the Spectra, Kia has manufactured vehicles that intonate luxury and sophistication far above their price tags and has provided top value to the dollar than most of their counterparts. The Spectra is a very good-looking car. This should not be too surprising, considering that the car the Spectra is based on, the Sephia, looks more like a Japanese near-luxury sedan than a cheap Korean import.

The Spectra has good power from its hood, it delivers the same as those from its contemporaries but has a lower base price. Handling is competent, even sporty, the suspension seems very sound, It should be, Lotus provided technological backing to Kia. Acceleration is exceptional in the higher rpms, even with the air conditioning turned on. There is little wind noise, and is tuned to sort of a sporty sound. The Spectra also has great interior design. The trunk is roomy and easy to use, thanks to the hatchback design. The back seat area provides room for three adults, or two children with kicking room. The doors and trunk have a solid feel. The hatchback window has an optional but expensive windshield washer/wiper.

For 2005, the Spectra have been totally redesigned from the ground up. Exceeding all expectations from car enthusiasts, its sportier styling, plus an addition of an impressive list of standard features is what makes it stand out. Being affordable has never been so pressed with true automobile value. Spectra give you more than just great looks and a smooth ride. With class-leading safety features like six standard airbags, front/rear crumple zones and available 4-wheel ABS, it also gives you peace of mind. Good looking, responsive and affordable. It's easy to see why the Spectra is miles ahead of the competition.

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