Kia Amanti Parts & Accessories

The Kia Amanti is another competitive vehicle in the marquee of sedans. This high quality car was launched in April 2003 by its producer Kia Motors of South Korea. In the mainstream of sedans, this car can hold up its own against other sedans like the Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima, Buick LaCrosse and especially the widely known Honda accord and Toyota Camry. Kia Amanti in North America and Kia Opirus in other parts of the world, this car is one of the excellent passenger cars that Kia Motors has ever produced.

One of the features in the Amanti's exterior that can really catch the eye is its grille. Some people may find its big grille appealing while others find it hideous when they set eyes on it the first time. It is this part that could take some getting used to. Its overall bodywork however is imbued with true craftsmanship. The newest edition of the Kia Amanti alloy wheels with 16" tires that make the look like its smoothly sailing through the road. The slightly oval-shaped headlights and fog lights are very functional for lighting up your way on a dark and foggy night. Available in various colors including carbon gray, cobalt blue, clear silver and dark rose, you can have the choice you really want. These features are all beneficial for giving the car an outstanding image.

Aside from the outward look, the Kia Amanti is endowed with lavish interior styling that will surely give comfort and one of a kind driving experience. As a luxury passenger car it presents a power sunroof for allowing the breeze to come in. Leather seat trim, heated front seats and adjustable passenger seats make it really comfortable. The manufacturer has also incorporated technological advancements in the interior by way of its audio system, power door locks, and car alarm and power windows. They have also taken into account the safety of the driver and passengers that's why they have included advanced restraint and safety systems.

The most important thing about this car is its ability to provide give a one of a kind driving performance that comes from a very alert V6 engine. This engine generates up to 200 horsepower and torque of 220 at 3,500 rpm. Its 5-speed automatic transmission makes steering more manageable.

If you want style along with luxury, Kia Amanti is the ideal car for you. Aside from the performance it can give, the price is also very convenient. If you own this car, you will undoubtedly need replacement parts at one time or another. With Parts Train, you can opt for style and affordability with Kia Amanti replacement parts and accessories that are supplied by world class manufactures.