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Jeep is a multipurpose light motor vehicle that is able to run on rough terrain and initially developed and used by the US Amy for Allied military forced back on the World War II. At around 1891 until 1970, the US Army have been manufacturing this kind of vehicle at the Marmon Motor Corporation in Indianapolis. They produced at around one million jeeps under the license of American bantam Car Company and the Ford Motor Company from 1941 to 1945. The Jeep Jeepster or the "VJ" (name of the model inside the company) has been developed to the use of the public and the design is some what similar to what the US Army is using.

The Jeep was first produced from 1948 to 1950 and the military type jeep model was first believed to be marketed and would be limited to farmers and forester. In this point, they began manufacturing civilian jeep. Realizing that the gap in the line of product has been increasing, the development of Jeep Jeepster that will be used on city driving have been engage that is design with convertible roof tops and 2 door coupe design vehicle to fill this growing segment as well as producing new type of vehicles for the public. The vehicle is available to have a rear wheel drive with its distinctive body style; the Jeep Jeepster was a hit. Only 20,000 or more original version have been manufactured and sold to the public.

The original Jeep Jeepster was powered by a 62 horsepower "Go Devil" type engine with 2.2 liters of displacement. It only have a 3 speed manual gear box with optional overdrive was used and the brake system uses drum brake on all four wheels. The front end suspension uses a single transverse leaf spring suspension and a spring coils are used in the rear suspension. The flat topped front and rear fender were all copied to the original design that is used by military men on the World War II.

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