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Jeep Grand Wagoneer The Cherokee has been one of the favorites of many serious SUV enthusiasts in its time, since its multigenerational predecessor started out as the 1966 Super Wagoneer. It grew in opulence throughout the '70s and early '80s to where it became the Grand Wagoneer, with the Cherokee a lesser equipped but sportier variation. Crude as it may be by today's standards, both were the benchmarks among domestic luxury 4x4s then. The Grand Wagoneer was powered by a 360 ci 5.9 L American Motors V8 with 144 hp. The grille and dashboard were restyled for the 1986 model year, but the body and drive line remained mostly untouched. The 1989 model year added an overhead console and a rear window wiper. The 1991 model was available with a "Final Edition" badge on the dashboard.

By 1991, the world said goodbye to one of the last testaments to American big-iron technology by automobile standards. The Wagoneer, which had become "Grand" after the introduction of the Wagoneer XJ in '84, had soldiered on for more than 28 years, These were made doubly difficult because they were still selling reasonably well to a very loyal and upscale customer base. In the end, the company decided to say adios. Many lamented its passing the world said goodbye to a piece of beloved automotive history. In 1992, there were actually four units that were produced as part of a collection. This Grand Wagoneers was powered by a 5.2 L Magnum V8 engine that produced 220 hp.

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