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Jeep Comanche The Jeep Comanche pickup debuted in 1986. Comanche was a classy mini-truck, and could be ordered in any trim for any buyer. It was powered by the AMC 2.5 and 4.2l engines. The Jeep Comanche was essentially a pickup truck version of the XJ Jeep Cherokee SUV. It was a unibody vehicle, some kind of an oddity for the usual pick-up truck. The Comanche was available in four trims, base, Sport, Chief, and Laredo.

The Comanche has a very roomy and comfortable interior. A large bed at the back maximizes your hauling capability. It looks tough because it is. Its durability is unquestionable. The V8 engine on this truck has a large towing capacity. The on road handling and cornering of the Jeep Comanche is truly excellent for a pick up truck. Low end torque from the high output 4.0L inline six is excellent as well. It takes nothing to smoke the tires or climb the dirt trails.

Owning a pickup with a rich heritage in them arouses a certain sense of pride. The Jeep emblem that is emblazoned in their vehicles is their stamp of guarantee, a guarantee that ensures the quality that was poured into this truck. But as some vehicles do, the Comanche despite its good engineering met its end in 1992, a six year run that has been quite remarkable to say the least. But owing to its high standard there are still some of them left, roaming the streets and countryside's still obediently performing their duties well.

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