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Jeep CJ7

Jeep CJ-7 was launched in the year 1976 and around 379, 299 units were built in just 10 years of production. It features a longer wheelbase that measures at about 93.4 inches than the Jeep CJ-5 in order for the automatic transmission to be fitted. It also features a new automatic all wheel drive system called Quadra-Trac, and an automatic transmission was also an option, while other comfort features were an optional molded hardtop, and steel doors, and these were offered for the first time. Both the 93.5-inch wheelbase CJ-7 and 83.5-inch wheelbase CJ-5 left AMC no choice but to stop the prodcution of CJ-5, after having taking pleasure of the three decades of production, and rather focused on the CJ-7.

The Jeep is an American Motor Company (AMC) owned in the mid-1970s, to show their response to the growth of the leisure industry by producing a modern version of the military Jeep and this is the CJ-7. This new vehicle had six-cylinder power, and was also the first jeep to become available with a Turbo-Hydramatic gearbox. The CJ-7 also used semi-elliptical springs all over the twin live axle setup, with part-time four wheel drive that was placed on the manual version. Many CJ-7 were used off-road, and the Jeep came with a four-point roll cage but later on was changed a bit in terms of styling as distinguished from the original Jeep shape.

Some specifications of the Jeep CJ-7 are 73 miles per hour or 117 kilometers per hour as its top speed, and can actually take off from nothing to 60 mph or 96 km/h in just 11.4 seconds. Boosting its power is an in-line six engine, with a displacement of 232 ci or 3.801 cc. Its transmission is a 4-speed manual. Maximum power and torque for this vehicle is 100 bhp or 74 kW @ 3, 600 rpm and 185 pound feet or 251Nm @ 1, 800 rpm respectively. It weighs at around 3, 100 pound or 1, 409 kilograms, and has a fuel economy of 17.2 mpg or 6.09 kilometers per liter.

For sturdy and reliable performance, surely the Jeep CJ-7 is one great catch. Aside from the power it offers, it is also a symbol of simplicity but definitely with strong and lasting appearance. You can never find another vehicle like the Jeep CJ-7 now. It was built to serve lots of purpose.