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Jeep CJ-6

The Jeep CJ-6 was manufactured during the time when the Keiser took control of the company and officially released in 1955. The birth of CJ-6 was prompted by the demand for a bigger interior thus the CJ-6 rode on a 101 inches long-wheelbase. So practically, the CJ-6 was the longer CJ-5.

In the fall of 1965, the CJ-6 was offered a new optional engien, the "Dauntless" V-6 engine that was rated at 155-horsepower. This engine was also offered to the CJ-5. It almost doubles the horsepower of the previous standard Hurricane four-cylinder engine. It was also the first time that Jeep housed a V6 engine under its hood that was soon followed by many V6 engines in the years to come.

That same era, Jeep released the second Generation Wagoneer and the Super Wagoneer Station Wagon which featured three-tone body striping, vinyl roof, chrome roof rack, full wheel hubcaps and white-walled tires. It came in a four wheel drive and was powered by the 327-cubic inch V8 engine. This was the key era when Jeep transcends into better and more powerful engine that gave the CJ-6 upgrades in the following years.

In 1970, the Keiser was sold to the American Motors Corporation and brought forth major improvements to the CJ models including the CJ-6. The Jeep brand became popular than ever before. The CJ-6 together with other Jeep models was powered by either the 304- or 360-cubic inch V8 engines. The CJ-6 with the CJ-5 were strengthened by the heavier axles, brawnier brakes, a wider track, and higher-capacity heater/defrosters. The new theme for the models became: "If a new Jeep vehicle can't take you there, maybe you ought to think twice about going." By 1975, American Motors seized CJ-6's production with a total of 50,172 units produced.