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Jeep CJ5

There were several earlier CJs that were produced before the release of the CJ-5 in 1954. As the effort to bring the military Jeep to the civilian, the production of the Jeep started right after the war. In 1944, the first CJ with the name CJ-2 was in production. It was closely related to the Military Willys MB with the same Willys Go Devil engine. The only changes made were seen in the larger headlights, an open tail gate and a side-mounted spare tire, and the external fuel tank. But the actual production was in 1945 with the CJ-2 now called the CJ-2A. The new CJ possessed a split-windshield. The CJ-2A went in production up to 1949. The CJ-3A followed right after the CJ-2A at the same year. It featured one-piece windshield with a vent in the frame among other improvements.

The most unique CJ, the CJ-4 followed. It was unique not because of new features but because it was only produced for the factory employees. The CJ-4 came with the new Willys Hurricane engine and had an 81-inch wheelbase. The CJ-3B replaced the CJ-3A in 1953 and was later licensed to a number of international manufacturers, including Mitsubishi of Japan and Mahindra of India. It went into production in 1968 with a total production of 155,494 units. The Mahindra still produced this CJ but the Mitsubishi seized the production in 1998.

After the several CJs came the CJ-5 in 1954. By this time, Jeep has a new owner by the name Kaiser with has great influence with the new CJ version. Another influence came from the M-38 Jeep that was used during the Korean War. The original intention for the release of the CJ-5 was to replace the CJ-3B but the model continued production. The CJ-5 was produced up to 1983 with 603,303 units produced. In 1970, the company was sold to the American Motors which promted the replacement of the CJ-5 together with the CJ-6 engine into inline 6 engines, the 232 and 258 and offering two V8 engines - 304CID and 360CID. With begger engines, the fenders and hood were stretched 3" in 1972. The CJ-5 also has several special versions. The Tuxedo Park Mark III went out in the market from 1961 up to 1963. Other versions include Camper (1969), 462 (1969), Renegade I (1970), Renegade II (1971), Renegade with 304CID V8, alloy wheels and a limited-slip differential (1972-1983), Super Jeep (1972), and the Golden Eagle (1977-1983).